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Intermittent issue with Instant Management page



We have 3 sites running Instant, all using the same code which is


One site,  we can access the Virtual controller page abolutely fine with any browser (except IE9 but thats a different issue).

This site is connected to the site where our network administrators are via a 50Mb Metro Ethernet line.


the other two sites, we have issues loading the page.  We get to the login page and enter our credentials, the login box disappears, and then we are just faced with a grey, empty web-page.


This happens for both Internet Explorer (all versions) and Firefox.


The issue doesn't happen all the time.  For example, today we deployed the site, it was working fine this morning.   This afternoon, about 4 hours after it was up, we couldn't get to it.


We can get to the AP's fine via SSH.


Also,  if we change the controller management authentication to local (instead of RADIUS), we can get to the management page fine. 


Has anyone seen or experienced this behaviour ?




Re: Intermittent issue with Instant Management page

We saw the same problem back in 6.1 and change.  It appears to be resolved in

We're testing in lab right now and haven't seen it there.


We were able to work around it by connecting to the iAP which is hosting the VC -- it usually worked.  We had a ticket and the engineer handling the case said that there had been a bug in the RADIUS NAS identifier code bits.



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