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Internal splash page with Radius authentication

I am very new to Aruba and Airwave but I would like to create a guest wireless SSID that uses the Aruba internal splash page with Radius authentication.  I have the splash page set up and successfully connected Airwave to our Radius server and I can authenticate over it for our WPA2 SSID.


For the guest SSID what I had envisioned was to use the internal splash page but pass the credentials on to the radius server.  I have attached the screenshot of the settings I currently have.  So what happens is when I connect to the SSID it gives me the splash page asking for a login, I then type in a username and password that is valid in Radius and it comes back and tells me its invalid.  I know the creds are valid because I use them daily on airwave for another SSID and it works just fine, its just for some reason when I combine the internal splash page and radius it does not work.  Anything I am doing wrong here?




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Re: Internal splash page with Radius authentication

Take a look at the logs on the radius server to get an idea what could be going wrong.

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Re: Internal splash page with Radius authentication

Sweet thanks, it seems my Remote Access Profile did not have PAP enabled.  Enabled PAP and bam it works exactly how I need it.  Thanks!


Policy-Name = Wi-Fi Access
Authentication-Type = PAP
EAP-Type = <undetermined>
Reason-Code = 66
Reason = The user attempted to use an authentication method that is not enabled on the matching remote access policy.

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