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Internet connectivity issues - network congestion on IAP network

HI Guys,

I am currently encountering an issue that I suspect being caused by network congestion. 

So, My setup is simple, a router a Layer 2 siwtch on which I have 4 instant IAP's and Wired PCs. 

What is happening is this, User is connected to IAP network, Everything is fine and at a certian moment internet browsing speeds start degrading drastically until everything jams up. Restart the IAP's and everything works fine again. 3 horus later and same issue again.


Note that at the same time internet browsing by users on the IAP network drastically decreases speeds, other wired network users are still working fine. I suspect that this started happening when I set Broadcast filtering to Off, as I added a remote control device that needed this setup to work. 


Any ideas what the issue might be?


Thanks in advance

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Re: Internet connectivity issues - network congestion on IAP network

If wireless devices share a vlan with wired devices, the broadcasts will degrade their performance, period.

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