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Issue with communication from Portal side to Point side - IAP 367

 Hi All,


I have a strange issue with the following IAP 367 Mesh Portal and Point Setup:


Current Setup


When traffic is initiated from any vlan on the POINT side everything works fine, however after about 5 minutes of inactivity all communication to devices behind the Point AP comes to a halt.


When I try to ping devices behind the Point AP from the PORTAL side on ANY vlan they fail, when I then ping from any device/VLAN on the POINT Point side I begin to get ping replies again.


If I run a persistant ping to any device behind the POINT side all communication remians up and active.


I've noticed that when communication stops I can no longer see the MAC address in the Portal side Cisco switch.  


It's almost as though the Portal AP stops responding to any incomming requests from the PORTAL side as the PORTAL side switch doesn't get a MAC entry in it's mac address table from the portal AP.


Has anyone seen this before with the IAP Portal and Point setup?  


We are using Cisco 2960 switches on both sides.






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Re: Issue with communication from Portal side to Point side - IAP 367

You should execute "show ap mesh topology" to see the signal strength between both devices...

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Re: Issue with communication from Portal side to Point side - IAP 367

Hi Colin,


Thanks for your reply, I've just tried to run the command however it's not present:


BAIS-ARUBA-PtP1# show ap mesh ?
debug Debugging information


BAIS-ARUBA-PtP1# show ap mesh neighbours

Neighbor list
MAC Portal Channel Age Hops Cost Relation Flags RSSI Rate Tx/Rx A-Req A-Resp A-Fail HT-Details Cluster ID
--- ------ ------- --- ---- ---- ----------------- ----- ---- ---------- ----- ------ ------ ---------- ----------
a8:bd:27:fa:b2:51 a8:bd:27:fa:b6:10 100E 1 0 65535 C 16h:10m:18s VL 51 - 3 3 0 VHT-80MHzsgi-2ss 4b493ec87f035c6357 6673c41ba4463

Total count: 1, Children: 1
Relation: P = Parent; C = Child; N = Neighbor; B = Blacklisted-neighbor
Flags: R = Recovery-mode; S = Sub-threshold link; D = Reselection backoff; F = Auth-failure; H = High Throughput; V = Very High Throughput, L = Legacy allowed
K = Connected; U = Upgrading; G = Descendant-upgrading; Z = Config pending; Y = Assoc-resp/Auth pending
a = SAE Accepted; b = SAE Blacklisted-neighbour; e = SAE Enabled; u = portal-unreachable; o = opensystem


I've attached the current configurations for both APs.


Cisco switch interface configurations are simple:

Portal Switch:

interface GigabitEthernet3/0/48
description BAIS-ARUBA-PtP1
switchport trunk native vlan 120
switchport mode trunk


Point Switch:


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
description BAIS-ARUBA-PtP2
switchport trunk native vlan 120
switchport mode trunk






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