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Issues with BSSID's disappearing in IAP environment



We've been working with one of our clients for some time now concerning issues they are experiencing with the wifi.  


Our set up is pretty simple.  There are IAP115's forming a cluster, with various contractually configured paramaters managed via Airwave.  We have thousands of deployments for this client, all with a standardized setup.


We are getting reports of constant disconnections.  We have verified for IDS events, deauthorizations, band saturation, channel interference, but from multiple remote and on site analysis, the airspace looked good.


Cape Networks sensors have been deployed on site to try to get a better picture of what's happening from an end user standpoint.  The sensors are configured to act as end user devices, associating to SSID's and performing various internet related functions.  When they run into issues, they have various diagnostics they perform to try to isolate the cause of the service interruption.


We had also dispatched our own technician recently to work in parallel with the sensors.  


One thing our technician mentioned was, while running InSSIDer, he saw BSSID's relating to our AP's disappearing for periods of time, and re-appearing.


The Cape Networks sensors have also seen the same thing (see photo below)

At the time, we checked the BSSID table and everything appeared to be fine, and the AP itself appeard to be functioning normally.


Both our technician and sensor were associated to the same AP when this occured.


Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?


The IAP's are running on


Any insight would be appreciated.   If more information is needed, please let me know.



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Re: Issues with BSSID's disappearing in IAP environment

To add to the above, one of the diagnostics the sensors perform is a ping test of the gateway.   ICMP is blocked by default, so a time out return is normal, however there have been times when it would get Destination Unreachable messages, which is strange.


Throwing that out there, if it helps.

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Re: Issues with BSSID's disappearing in IAP environment

Did you lock the test to a specific BSSID? Also, what are the specifications (as in channel, channel-width, encryption type) for that BSSID?


Please use the support-chat button (green circle in the bottom right) in the User Experience Insight (formerly known as Cape) dashboard. The 10-minute gap is something that I would ask them to assist in investigating what actually happened.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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