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Issues with Chromecasts

issues with chromecasts


Running 2x UAP515s in an instant cluster,, vc is not giving addresses. 

Ubiquity edgerouterX as lan device and dhcp server.

Seeing issues with casting, 8 possible casting destinations (Homes and Chromecasts).

When you hit the "cast" icon, only some of them will come up as options (while none are in use and all are online)..

Not seeing a pattern of AP association (client match is on).

All of the "services" are enabled, "deny inter-user.." is not enabled.

Which destinations show up or not is inconsistent (can't see a pattern).

Devices stay associated and respond to pings consistently, also appear consistently in the "google home" app..

Issue only presents when looking for a cast destination (maybe the discovery process is different?).

Issue presents consistently across OS of casting device (android, iOS, windows10)..

I suspect it's a multicast thing, but I'm not sure.
( I shut off the 515s and used a consumer grade router, just to test, problem went away)

1 - anyone encounter this and find a fix?

2 - is there a way to disable all "manipulation" of traffic and just have the AP pass it up to the switch?


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Re: Issues with Chromecasts



Updated 515s to,


Messed with airgroup settings, interesting results;

Shutting everything off under airgroup solves most issues for devices other than the phones, on the phones, youtube still takes a minute or 2 to populate the list, google photos and google music still don't see the destinations. Chromebook and ipads see everything.. Phones are Samsung S8+, latest stock on Verizon.. 

At this point, leaning toward it being a Google thing (some apps on phone are fine).. thx!

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Re: Issues with Chromecasts

What you can try is to disable ARP filtering on the SSID. This solved casting  issues in some customer cases over here. Goodluck!

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