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Join IAP 315 to IAP 215 network

Hi there,


I just unboxed a 315 IAP and tried to joind to a 215 network, vlan's and dhcp lease are there so the underlying topolgy is fine.

But after ~1 min of green blinking led it goes to what appears a solid red led. The 215 are running ArubaInstant_Centaurus_6.5.3.1_60333.
Anything particular wrong here or soemthing I missed?



Re: Join IAP 315 to IAP 215 network

Which LED do you seen turn red? Below is the LED guide for an IAP135. Are you able to attached a console cable to the AP and post the output?315-system-led.jpg


Try also plugging the IAP315 into a standalone network (so it is separate from the 215) and see if the AP boots up. You may need to upgrade the IAP315 to then plug it back into the IAP215 network.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Join IAP 315 to IAP 215 network


I was too impatient. It was amber solid/blinking depending if I plugged the poe injector to an uplink.
I could connect to the instant ssid and update it, after that it connected witoput problems.


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