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L3-Mobility on IAPs



I'm trying to implement L3-mobility between two Instant networks.
My test network is formed by a layer-3 switch to which are connected, on two different VLANs (VLAN1 and VLAN2), two IAP-105.



I have so two Virtual Controllers with the same SSID "Test-Mobility", configured in the same way:

   Client IP assignment: Virtual controller assignment
   Security: Personal
        Key management: WPA2-PSK
        Passphrase: mobility
        MAC Authentication: Disabled
        Access: Network Based: Assign VLAN1 (2)

With my laptop, I initially join the IAP2 and I obtain the IP address; I start a session ping to the VC1 and VC2, wich respond correctly.
Then I move from the area covered by IAP2 to the one covered by IAP1, always with the active ping sessions: here is the problem! My laptop starts to lose ping packets to both VCs, but my laptop doesn't say me that the WiFi connection is lost!
After a  long while, I come back to IAP2 area, and ping continue to be lost!

To have success pings, i have to disconnect and reconnect to the SSID.
I therefore conclude that the roaming doesn't happen!

PS: To configure the L3-mobility I followed Chapter 8 of the pdf "Instant Access Point User Guide"

Does anyone have any idea or suggestion?




Massimo Gallina
Telecommunications engineer - ACMP2013
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