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Layer 3 firewalls and IAP 115's

Hello -


I have been having issues using IAP 115's behind a Layer 3 firewall. What needs to be opened for the AP source IP to ensure the APs only talk to OpenDNS and allowed out on Port 80 and 443?



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Re: Layer 3 firewalls and IAP 115's

well that should be port 80/443 and port 53 perhaps to IP of openDNS.


but that is so easy you probably tried right?


i will depend if you use local networks on the IAP (which are NATed behind AP IP) or put your users in networks on your wired network, what do you do?

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Re: Layer 3 firewalls and IAP 115's

Yes we have a local network and guest network. Which are NAT'd and yes we have policies to allow the 10.x.x.x addresses out to 80,443 and 53. We always seem to have issues when we put IAPs at locations with L3 firewalls. Locations with a VPN client which has a static rule set with all of the Aruba IPs never have any issues.

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