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Lesson Learned: Firmware mismatch on multiple IAPs

I just received two IAPs (a 205 and a 215) and hooked them into a S1500-12P switch.


Super annoying: I setup the IAP-215 as the primary VC, but the IAP-205 just would not show up, and would just reboot constantly.


The IAP-215 had preloaded

The ISP-205 had preloaded


I upgraded both to and now both are visible from the GUI. Hooray.


But c'mon, when I click on "Check For New Version" it says there are none. What gives?


Anywho, hope this helps someone in the future.

Re: Lesson Learned: Firmware mismatch on multiple IAPs

Those are the same version, the 205 should have discovered the 215 VC.

The "check for new version" checks the cloud and sometimes takes a few weeks before a new release is available in the cloud.
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