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Lobby Administration Account

Is it possible to have a lobby administration account on an Instant access point so a receptionist, for example, can login and create/revoke a local database account for captive portal authentication without having access to the wireless network configuration?


Re: Lobby Administration Account

Our ClearPass Guest solution is more suited to this use-case than the standard/default InstantOS.


Have you had a look at Clearpass Guest ?

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Re: Lobby Administration Account

I need to get a single access point up very quickly, hence the Instant AP, and I am looking to convert it to a campus AP once we install the remaining access points and wireless LAN controller.


Once we have the wireless LAN controller we won't have an issue but I can't find an east way to create guest accounts with the Instant AP.

Re: Lobby Administration Account

Unfortunately no.  This isn't possible on Instant.

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Re: Lobby Administration Account

This is a roadmap item and is slated for IAP v. 4.0 due roughly at the end of October.

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