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Looking for a confirmation on converting to RAP3

I'm trying to clear some fog out here...

Due to equipment recommended by Aruba I am now replacing RAP5 with RAP3s in some regions. I am now attempting to convert the IAP3 to a RAP3 and running into some issues.

  • Is it necessary to upgrade from 6.1.X to 6.2.X to do the conversion?
  • Is there a way to do the conversion without a controller? (tools, tips, tricks)
  • Would it then be possible to connect to a 6.1.X controller once it's a RAP3?
  • I do not see 6.2 in the GA folder yet, I can't upgrade my production controllers until it's a suported GA release. Is there a target date?  Or am I missing the GA release in the folder structure somewhere? (I admit I may not looking in the right place)

I thought I was making progress with the RAP3 after working through some of the VPN setup  troubleshooting to get it to talk to my controller, but have hit a wall with authentication. Now that I've come across notes refering to the controller release should be at 6.2.X, I'm considering that this is a possible reason for the excessive issues.


I was really hoping that the RAP3's would be as easy as my white-list RAP5s that have been running like champs.


Any thoughts or confirmation of my understanding around the software release requirements will be greatly appreciated. Just feeling a little lost on this new and obviously very powerful little device that I need to act as a simple RAP.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Looking for a confirmation on converting to RAP3

Hi, ubergeeken.


Yes, you need to run a 6.2 software on your controller to terminate RAP-3 so you wont be able to terminate to 6.1 once it is a rap either.

You can convert the IAP by logging into your virutal controller and go to the "Maintainance" menu. Here you will find a "convert" tab where you can choose to convert the IAP to a RAP and enter theMobility Controllers IP or hostname

You are right that 6.2 is currently only found as early deployment. My guess is that we will probably not see the 6.2 as GA, but probably have to wait until 6.3..

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Re: Looking for a confirmation on converting to RAP3

AOS 6.2 should be transitioning from "Early Deployment" to "GA" soon.   Check back on the support site around the end of May.  

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Re: Looking for a confirmation on converting to RAP3

Thanks for the approximate time line.  I have a controller that is going to be unused until the RAP3's are operational and in production. I now plan to start testing the early release code there first in preparation of the GA release.


Standby for more questions that I'll likely have along the way.  :-D


Thanks folks!


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