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Losing admin password

Hello people,
I have 4 IAP 205 connected to an HP PoE switch. My problem is that suddenly my SSID goes down and in 5 minutes they come back to work. However when the APs come back up, the administrator password is modified and lose the management of the virtual control. No default password works.

Then I reset all the Aps, set all of them again and then after a few minutes everything happens again: the SSID goes out and etc.

Any ideas?

MVP Guru

Re: Losing admin password

Do you have any of the log messages (probably need to set up a syslog) or a console cable attached when the issue occurs? Which version of code are you running on these?

If you try to access the CLI when the issue is occurring do you see anything about it being in a degraded state?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)

Re: Losing admin password

It could be going out to a management server and getting configuration from there. Do you have Central or AMP in action?

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