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Lost connections to printers after upgrading to

I have a "New version available" in the Aruba Instant (AP-205) web administration.
The new version is and I am currently at
Fortunately, I have my current version in a file I downloaded from
So, I was able to go back.


What happened is that I clicked on "Upgrade now" and the upgrade downloaded and installed successfully then the AP rebooted.
Everything looked fine phones were connected and all having internet access.
I have 3 printers connected to the AP and, although I was seeing them connected in the Aruba Instant web administration, the printers were not reachable. I rebooted the AP again and turned off and on the printers. All printers still unreachable. So, I re-installed the old firmware rebooted the AP and all printers were back to visible state as normal. Is it possible that there are bugs in ?

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