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MPSK feature with Instant

Aruba Instant version now supports multiple PSKs (MPSK) on the same SSID. This means that each client connected to the PSK based SSID will have its own unique PSK that is not shared with the rest of the clients. This feature requires Aruba ClearPass 6.8.x to be the authentication server.


It should be noted that MPSK solution was designed for the headless devices like printers, TVs, etc. and not designed for laptops, tablets and mobile devices that support secure authentication using supplicants.  


This 48 page guide has three workflows for MPSK

  1. The user registers the device on a ClearPass device-registration webpage and then receives an email with device-specific or group-specific MPSK passphrase and then connects the device to the MPSK SSID.
  2. Same as previous one but with the ability to pre-populate the MAC address of the device
  3. Same as previous but with prepopulating MAC address of the device along with Self Registration


Hope you’ll find it useful and as always please send through your feedback for future improvements.

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Aruba Employee

Re: MPSK feature with Instant

Just note that as of today this feature cannot be configured via AirWave 8.2.9 if the IAP are in fully managed mode in AirWave.  It has to be done in local CLI.

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