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Mac running Parallels, multi host Auth on Instant

I have a number of mac users who have VM's in paralles. I dont know if this is possible but thought I would ask. Here is an example:


Phisical Mac laptop, uses eap and a cert to authenticate over 802.1x  is placed in Vlan 100. They fire up Paralles and a windows VM that is domain bound and also trys to Authenticate over 802.1x and eap. It should be placed into Vlan 100 but instead fails Auth while the Mac side is also booted off.


When wired we have multi host enabled which allows this to happen, is there a way to make this work on wireless?




Re: Mac running Parallels, multi host Auth on Instant

Have you tried this on Wireless yet?  I am not sure if it will work as I've never tried.  My thoughts are no as you are encrypting the traffic where you're not on the wired side.  I too run Parallels and it just comes up and works on wifi.  There is no concept of a wireless NIC in the OS...only a LAN so I'm not sure how you would get around that unless you had a USB dongle...then it might be possible in bridge mode with Parallels.

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Re: Mac running Parallels, multi host Auth on Instant

Hey Seth,


Yes we have been testing it. If I enable bridge mode, it works but the VM is esentially on its own little network inside Paralles. Some things like RDP dont work. I was hoping that there was a way to allow multi auth like I can with a wierd client. I will try and get some logs and see what exactly is happening when the second host trys to authenticate. I suspect its not even making it to the radius server and is getting denied on the AP level.



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