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Manage Accesspoint Aruba IAP 325 Instant Mode over powershell SSH



i want to create Users for the integrated Auth. Server for the Captive Portal. With the Putty.exe it is possible to create users with the commands:  

user benutzername passwort radius
commit apply


And it works perfectly.

Now i wanted to write a script to create users automatically. The main purpuse is the change the users password every week to make the guestnetwork more secure. So i used Powershell with the "Posh-SSH" Module.

This is my Script:

Install-Module Posh-SSH

$User = "*****"
$WLAN_Password = "******"
$Password = ConvertTo-SecureString "*******" -AsPlainText -Force
$Credential = New-Object -TypeName System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -ArgumentList $User, $Password

New-SSHSession -ComputerName ********** -Credential $Credential

Invoke-SSHCommand -SessionId 0 -Command "configure"


When i run the script, the connection works:

SessionId  Host                                                                Connected                                                 
---------  ----                                                               ---------                                                 
    0      **********                                                         True  


And then, i get this error:                                                 
"The connection was closed by the server: Only cli connections are
allowed to the AP (ProtocolError)."


Does anyone have an idea how to solve this Problem?





Re: Manage Accesspoint Aruba IAP 325 Instant Mode over powershell SSH



I'm not familiar with powershell so I'm going to reccommend using AirRecorder. It's an Aruba java app specifically made for the purpose of running commands remotely and can be used autonomously.


Link to AirRecorder tutorial.


ACCX #540 | ACMX #353 | ACDX #216 | AMFX #11

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Re: Manage Accesspoint Aruba IAP 325 Instant Mode over powershell SSH



Thanks for your answer. I cannot download the AirRecoder software with your download link. When i login to Aruba Support, and go to the "Tools" at the Aruba download Page,  there is no "Airrecoder" folder is not available. Is it necessary to buy this Software? This Software is available:

Software.jpgIs there another way to get the AirRecoder Software?





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