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Management Practices for AirGroup on Home / Small Network

I have a home / lab setup of 2 Instant 315 APs. I have AirGroup configured to allow all, with all of the default "AirGroup Service" options checked.


I'd like to get to a config eventually of selectively allowing only desirable traffic, but I have it set this way for now to get to an understand of what traffic AirGroup still interferes with even when set to "allow all".

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 2.29.54 PM.png

Even with the "allow all" settings, I see still dropped queries for services that I'd probably like to work:

ap01# show airgroup blocked-queries


AirGroup dropped Query IDs


Service ID                                      #query-hits

----------                                      -----------  11

urn:Belkin:device:sensor:1                      10

urn:Belkin:device:lightswitch:1                 10

_homekit._tcp                                   57

_sleep-proxy._udp                               30

urn:Belkin:device:insight:1                     8

urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1                  8

_airport._tcp                                   17

_smb._tcp                                       11

_adisk._tcp                                     11

_uscans._tcp                                    17

_uscan._tcp                                     17

_ippusb._tcp                                    17

_privet._tcp                                    17

926807f7._sub._apple-mobdev2._tcp               11

_apple-pairable._tcp                            11

urn:Belkin:device:**                            6

urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:basic:1             9

_touch-remote._tcp                              1

Num dropped Query IDs:19


I have tried adding these Service IDs to custom Services, but some of them (such as "" throw an "Invalid Syntax" error in the Instant web UI.


Is disabling AirGroup entirely the best option in a case like this of a very small / home network where these various devices "just working" without handholding is desirable? Or is there a better approach for managing these within AirGroup and keeping up with new services?



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