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Managing IAPs in multiple locations with AirWave

So we picked up the AirWave solution and 10 IAPs for 4 of our locations.  We've gone through and deployed/configured them how we want them in one location.  Now we've added the new IAPs in a second location, gotten them ionto AirWave but are having problems copying the template from the first site to the second.


What we want is to have the same 4 SSID's in each location, one doing 802.1x authentication, one using captive portal and two guest-ish networks, each of them on different VLANs, etc.  I would assume we need to change the VLAN ids and stuff manually, but so far we can't even get the basics of the template to apply to the new IAPs.  Is there a general walkthrough on how to do this?  The support guys I've been talking to are acting like this is a novel deployment situation, but it was sold to us as "What AirWave does"


Anyway, how do I take one locations template and apply to another location?  We've copied the text of the template over, but it gets so far down the config and then just says it's stopping the processing of rules?


Continually shows Mismatched:

        wlan access-rule iRoamX
Actual    rule any any match any any any deny
Desired   rule any any match any any any permit


Re: Managing IAPs in multiple locations with AirWave

Sorry to hear that you are running into issues. Just so I figure if this is a issue we have fixed, what AirWave version and Instant firmware version are you running?The one thing question I have  (I apologize if you have already mentioned this) is do the different locations have the same config. If so I would have them in the same group.


You are right about the workflow,  I am attaching an early version of the Instant deployment document that explains the process.

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Re: Managing IAPs in multiple locations with AirWave

I'm new at the iAP's but I would assume that you would need to have the same firmware version on the iAP's in order to apply a config template.

At the same time given the way the iAP's are working I would suggest getting the ones that are configured already and putting them as master iAP's at the other branches ... this way the config is pushed by the iAP's on to the others.

In the mean time try still to investigate with the support why Airwave has problems pushing the template by keeping one of them un-provisioned (or the way is right now for them to get the configuration and everything they need to replicate in the lab and find why this happened to you).

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Re: Managing IAPs in multiple locations with AirWave

Sujatha - Thanks for the doc, I'll look through that.  Right now the AirWave is 7.5.3 and all iAPs are running  As for the configs at each location, basically the configs are the same, except that in each location the iAPs will be on different VLANs  (100-105 in Location A.  106-110 in Location B, etc.)


I guess we were thinking to keep them in seperate groups so we could mamange the small differences between them?  Should we still have them in the same group?

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Re: Managing IAPs in multiple locations with AirWave

Ang - Thanks, I hadn't thought about trying to have them under the existing iAPs.  


And yeah, luckily for us this second site isn't in a rush to get them deployed so I'll probably keep pushing at the support guys to replicate it or what-not.  ATM they're saying this is a bug in AirWave and should be fixed by 7.5.4 that was supposedly released over the weekend.  But that's oddly convenient timing and odd that the biggest feature I can see in the AirWave product is doing this just happens to not work.

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