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Matching SSID to radio_id

We currently have 2 Aruba Instant 105 APs configured via the integrated Virtual Controller. We are monitoring bandwidth for each radio for each AP using SNMP and PRTG. The difficulty with this is the SSIDs are listed as radio0_ssid_id1; radio1_ssid_id2; etc. I have as yet been unable to match SSID to radio listed in the monitor.


I imagine the radio/ssid format originates within the controller as opposed to randomly assigned by the monitor. Does anyone have a method or suggestion on how to determine which SSID is mapped to which radio ID?

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Re: Matching SSID to radio_id

Forgive me if you have a different intention.


You could set the channels on both the IAP to something different from each other. Then connect and test away.

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