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Max number of IAP


I just read manual of Aruba Instant, and there is info: "All APs support an unlimited number of IAPs. In a network comprising of IAP-92 and IAP-93, an AP can support up to 16 IAPs only" which is not clear to me. It says that when I have just one IAP93, and rest of all is IAP 105 then I can have 16 IAP at all, or just 16 IAP93? In other words which scenario is possible:

15xIAP93 + 1xIAP105 (whole pool cannot reach more than 16 devices)


16xIAP93 + (for example) 5xIAP105 (only pool with IAP93 cannot reach more than 16 devices)

And second question, on offical Aruba website in Wireless Products there is no 90 sereies (IAP92, IAP93), does it indicate to EOL of this products?

Thank in advence for help!



Re: Max number of IAP

If you have even 1 IAP-9x in your cluster, it is limited to 16 IAPs.     The IAP-9x has not been EOS as of yet, but there are other much better alternatives out there.  The official site for this information is:



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Re: Max number of IAP

Thanks a lot! ;)

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