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Merging 2 clusters of IAPs into 1 cluster

I am trying to merge 2 clusters in different subnet of IAPs into 1 cluster same subnet, the following is done in my lab 



AP-1 : Cluster 1 - SSID: Aruba-Testing1

AP-2: Cluster 2 - SSID: Aruba-Testing2


When I unplug AP-1 and plug it into AP-2 cluster it appears as part of AP-2 cluster broadcasting Aruba-Testing2 and forgotten about it's role as a Virtual Controller in cluster 1. Please advise if this is normal way an IAP will react when merging into another cluster? I was told that best practise is to reset the IAP first but in a deployed environment where the APs are mounted it is additional effort to bring it down and reset the AP. Any advise from the expert in this forum?:smileyhappy:

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Re: Merging 2 clusters of IAPs into 1 cluster

This is expected behavior.  


The Virtual Controller of a group owns the config for the entire group.   When you join a new AP to the group, whether it is at factory default or has a config on it from a previous group, it will inherit the config from the VC of the group it just joined. 

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Re: Merging 2 clusters of IAPs into 1 cluster

Thanks Marcus, in this case I can save the effort of climbing up and down.

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