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Mesh with only one LAN IP

I'm trying to use IAPs in an environment where I only have a cable modem (not a cable modem and a router).   The clarification being that the DHCP server I have will only give out one IP address (and will likely be a public IP).  I'm trying to avoid adding another layer (a router) that gives my LAN multiple IPs (for several IAPs).   In my testing (I actually am using a router) wired AP and the mesh IP both ask and get IPs.  I presume this would be a requirement if I had only one IP available.

Any ideas?   Again...the goal is to have fewer moving parts.   I guess I can shop for a modem/router combination (hopefully without wireless).

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Re: Mesh with only one LAN IP

You will need something that NAT's on the internal side, one singular internal IP won't cut it. You can buy any wifi router at best buy or whatever and just disable the wifi. Or you can log in to your router (assuming you are allowed or ar able) and check and see if it supports internal NAT'ing to the outside interface so that you can have as many internal IPs that you want.


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