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Mixing IAPs

Hello the community

I am new in Aruba World .

We have some networks with IAP103 and want to extend them.


Is it possible to mix IAP103 with IAP204 , IAP275 and IAP207 ?

What do I need to pay attention to ?


Thank you .

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Re: Mixing IAPs

you will need to ensure that they are all running the same software version, else a cluster won't form.

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Re: Mixing IAPs

Thank you Matthew

So maybe , I'll have to update all my "old" IAP103s to the min version of my "new" IAP¨275 and 207.


You think I will be able to have the same software version for all of them ?

No bad surprise like "Min version for new IAPs" > "Max version for old IAPs"




Re: Mixing IAPs

You can check the minimum version per AP in the AP datasheets, and the maximum in the End-of-Life page on the Aruba website.


IAP-103 will run Aruba Instant up to 4.2, the IAP-207 requires 4.3.1, so you can't create a single cluster with IAP-103 and IAP-207.


Check this page for a similar question.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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