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More than 10 Destinations in AppRF Report?



we use the AMP 8.0.10 with Instant Config. Is there any opportunity, to show more then 10 destinations for one WLAN in a report?


If I choose AppRf on the menue, I can see more than 10 destinations, but if I want to create an AppRf report, I can only choose the template "Top 10 destinations". My target would be, to create a daily report with all destinations for one special WLAN and then to export this report as a CVS to a FTP Server.




Re: More than 10 Destinations in AppRF Report?

Have you tried generating an AppRF report?  In this report's definitions, you can specify a number for the topN applications. 

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Re: More than 10 Destinations in AppRF Report?

Thanks for the hint, but i have already 4 different WLAN's and need explcit from one WLAN the destinations.


If i try to restrict my report for one WLAN, the report shows always the destinations from the 4 WLAN's without a restriction.

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