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Move IAP to new airwave group



I have Instant Access Points that are managed through AirWave in several groups.  I need to move 1 set of IAP from one group to another.  Both groups have different network profiles so I want the IAP from the Old group to get new profiles from the Virtual Controller (VC) in the destination group VC.


I'd like to know the proper steps involved to move the IAP from group to group.  I'm a little confused on how to detach the IAPs from the old VC and move them to the new Group/VC without accidently overwritting the parameters from old to new group.


I hope I explained myself properly.


Thanks in advance


Kim L. 

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Re: Move IAP to new airwave group

Kim L.,
That would be a very delicate operation.  You should probably open a TAC case to make sure you are doing the right thing...


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Re: Move IAP to new airwave group

I am not enough understood what do you want. you want to move all cluster( all IAP), or only slave IAP?


condition 1: move cluster(master IAP(VC) + all slave IAPs)

if you can factory reset VC

1 factory reset your old VC

2 old VC get new netwrok profile

3 old VC get airwave information

4 delete all date at old group

5 add old VC to new group, get new config.

6 other slave IAP get new network profile, form cluster.

7 add other IAP to new group.


If can't factory reset.

1 old cluster get new network profile

2 move to new group at airwave. Method: at monitor page of old group, click " modify devce" button, select you want to move device, select new group and folder, click "move".

3 airwave will push new config to old VC, you need deal with mismatched item.


condition 2: move slave IAP

1 IAP get new profile , add to new cluster, this cluster have added to new group.

2 move iap from old group to new group, method same above step 2.

3 that's all.


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