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Moved an iap-105 from one vlan to another

Hi Everybody, hope i can explain my situation sufficiently enough,


We have 3 vlans for our location. i took an iap-105 from one vlan, and plugged it into another, and it made a duplicate virtual controller, looking identical to the one already there. It now lists it as down, i was curious if i could go ahead and remove this down device without it affecting the real virtual controller it is identical with. Also, for future reference, how do i go about removing an AP from airwave, and then adding to a different location? after i had moved it, i saw that it had added 2 new devices, from what it used to be, i unplugged it, and wiped it from the command line/console cord, and plugged it in, and it seems to work fine on its vlan, with the other 2 iaps there, but now i have an old virtual controller that i need to remove, and im worried when i delete it, it will delete the real virtual controller still live. Any help on moving IAPs to different vlans will help, thanks guys!

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Re: Moved an iap-105 from one vlan to another

sorry, no direct experience, but cant you find a calm moment and just try it? if it actual deletes the active one you can restore it right?

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