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Multiple SSID's and Subnets on iAP

Hi All,


I having difficultiy configuring multiple SSID's with different DHCP scopes and would appreciate any help. I'd like to be able to do this from the webGUI. I'm running iAP FW v.6.5.4. So here's what I'm trying to do:


1. Setup SSID 1 and have it use the DHCP server on the network, 172.18.37.x.

2. Setup SSID  2 and have it use the Aruba DHCP server, but set it to distribute 172.18.42.x., if I can limit the range to .20 - .50, even better

3. Setup SSIC 3 and have it use the Aruba DHCP server, but set it to 192.168.2.x,  if I can limit the range to .20 - .50, even better


I also need to allow SSID 2 and 3 to access a resource on SSID 1 (, otherwise they can't access anything on SSID 1.


I'm trying to configure this with a SonicWall firewall, and 3 network IFs, if anybody has any additional insight into that, it would be much appreciated.


Also, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shead, if you are kind enough to reply, please make it as clear as possible!


Thank you in advance for your help!



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Re: Multiple SSID's and Subnets on iAP

For #1 the ssid will be configured as network assigned and you choose a vlan.

For #2 and #3, if you goto more -》 dhcp server. There you can create local dhcp scopes and assign then to a vlan of your choosing.

Then in the ssid you choose virtual controller managed/assigned with the proper vlan you created.

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Re: Multiple SSID's and Subnets on iAP

Hi there builder2

Most of your question got answered, but you asked for clear instructions so... ;)


You have three interfaces on your sonicwall, and you want to route traffic between the 3 subnets. Sonicwall owns 1 dhcp scope, the VC owns 2.

If you choose to create VC Local dhcp scopes then all client traffic for SSID 2 AND 3 will be NAT`ed behind the uplink IP of the current Master AP. It kinda sounds to me like you wanted these IP`s not to be NAT`ed tho.. If you go down this path make sure there is routing between the IAP uplink subnet and the ssid1 subnet..


You could choose to create Local L2 dhcp scopes and let the sonicwall handle routing and firewalling for all three subnets. Might be easier in the long run?


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Re: Multiple SSID's and Subnets on iAP



Thanks for the reply, I really apprecate you taking the time to add details and thoughts. You have me thinking a little different about this now. What I'm going to test tomorrow is the following.


SonicWall IF 1 DHCP server - servicing SSID1

SonicWall IF 2 DHCP (VLAN 30) server - servicing SSID2, Client IP assigned by Network and Static VLAN ID of 30

SonicWall IF 3 DHCP (VLAN 40) server - servicing SSID3, Client IP assigned by Network and Static VLAN ID of 40.


Creating DHCP servers and VLANs on the SonicWall is pretty straight forward,  With that said I don't have much of an understanding of VLANs in general, I'm guessing if I set up a VLAN ID of 40 on the Sonicwall and the same VLAN ID on the Aruba, it should just work, we'll see tomorrow.


The SonicWall would handle all three of these SSID incoming clients and then I should just be able to create firewall rules to access specific assets on the first subnet. Does this make sense to you?


Best Regards,





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