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Multiple branch with same IP address scheme

Hello community,

I will be deploying IAP in branches with VPN tunnel over the internet which will terminate at the controller head office location. My issue is mulitple branches have same the IP addres scheme/ranges and they don't want to changer their scheme. Will this cause a problem to connect to head office over VPN? if yes, what is the resolution and which VPN type is the best suited to route this traffic that is Distributed L2 or L3, Local Nated or Centralized L2.


Thank you.

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Re: Multiple branch with same IP address scheme

Hi Friend,


The best solution for you requirement is centralised L2. you can also go with distributed L2 but need to plan DHCP scopes properly. therefore I would suggest Centralised L2.


Please feel free if any further clarity needed.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Multiple branch with same IP address scheme

Yes, further clarity is needed. I have situation where mulitple branch has same IP address and customer do not want to change their IP addr scheme. Is there anyway to resolve this issue. Even though we can assign a unique ID to each VC VPN from the branch but this will not solve our problem. We have been told that we must have unique IP address from each branch.



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