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Naming convention of physical ports on IAP 225



Under More -> Wired on the IAP 225 menu I have port 0/0, 0/1, 0/2, 0/3 and 0/4! What physical ports are these tied to? Cannot find anything in the manual or the help..


The physical IAP 225 ports are eth0, eth1 console and one USB port. So I do not even have that many physical ports as can be seen in the admin gui.


Anyone that can tell me the mapping without trial and error... ?


Thanks in advance




Re: Naming convention of physical ports on IAP 225

All the four ports can be used for bridging the traffic on wired side. Physical IAP 225 ports are eth0 (uplink to the wired network or to the IAP itelf in the network) E1 (this is what we could use for bridging the traffic to wired side network.USB port also can be used for uplink through cellular. 


Conclusion is that for IAP 225 has only wired port used for bridging 0/1 (E1) and E0 will be uplink.

If you have AP`s like RAP 3WN or RAP 5WN that consists of 3-4 wired ports which will be used to extend to the wired network for bridging. 


Hope this is clear.


Thank you,


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Re: Naming convention of physical ports on IAP 225

Ok... So I should see port 0/2, 0/3 and 0/4 as fake and unusable ports on IAP 225 and that only 0/0 and 0/1 are used and mapped to eth0 and eth1?



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Re: Naming convention of physical ports on IAP 225

Another reflection of mine to add to the above....


Today I have two IAP 225:s where one acts as the virtual controller. The port settings seems to be a global one and not per AP.  How do I set a wired profile on just let say... eth1 on my AP no 2? The IP adress and the VLAN on the other hand is set in the AP settings and not in the port profile settings. This is a little bit confusing to me.



Today eth0 is uplink on both my APs. However... the default wired profile that is on 0/0 (i.e eth0 if I got it right) that is never modified by me has the uplink set to disabled. But even so, it for sure act as an uplink.

How could that be?


Thanks in advance





Re: Naming convention of physical ports on IAP 225

By default, E0 will be uplink and other ports 0/1,0/2/,0/3,0/4 will be used for wired port profiles. 

Wired port profiles are global setting and not been applied per AP. In our case this wired port profile can be applied only on E1 port since you got only one wired port on the IAP 225.


You dont need to set anything on eth0 which is by default uplink and you dont need to enable it.

Eth1 could be your uplink switch on the network which can be configured as a access or trunk port and the VLAN assigment can be done based on the requriement.

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