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Need help!

Now the 275 boots & tries to join the VC cluster, but it fails, the VC shows: AP register fail because of regulatory domain mismatch & the 'show log system' is giving me: AP regulatory domains don't match Master-0, slave-200, reason-4


Am I missing something obvious on this? Thanks for the help/advice!


Re: Need help!

Please verify that all Access Points that you have are:

- of the type Aruba Instant, which can be seen from the part number IAP-275-RW

- for the same regulatory domain, which is the last part of the part number: US=US, JP=Japan, IL=Israel, RW=Rest-of-World

- in case you have different types of AP, like 225 and 205, make sure they initially run the same firmware before you try to join them in a single cluster. For the upgrade make sure you only have one type of AP active at the same time. 

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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