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Need to reset AP

Hello Team,
I have made some changes in my wireless configuration.
I have a master controller configured with new configuratrion. I need to connect local AP to this master controller. However these APs are still having the same old ip address and i need to reset them. Is it possible to push changes to these APs from my master controller. Or do I need to physically reset all the APs first and then go ahead with the configuration.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Need to reset AP

if you can push the configuration from the controller then do it that way.

if you need to reset the AP, an easy way to do this is to power off the AP, hold in the reset button (with a pin/toothpick) power up the AP and wait for the LED to flash quickly.

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Re: Need to reset AP

Thank you Mathew. However if I want to push the configuration from the controller is there any possibility that the APs ( that are having the old IP addresses and the old configuration ) wont disturb my configuration of the Master Controller.


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Re: Need to reset AP



Are these CAPS (Hardware Controller-Based APs) or IAPs (Instant APS)?  If you reset either type of AP, they will no longer have static IP addresses and you will have to FIRST reconfigure them so that they can connect to the network with new static ip addresses.  This would either mean re-setting static ip address using a console cable and setenv commands, or allowing them to get DHCP addresses, let them join a controller and then setting the ip addresses statically.


Either way, it is much, much less troublesome to just have access points do DHCP instead of using static addresses.  Access points were designed to have DHCP addresses for simplicity and the ability to recover when the ip network under them changes.

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