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New IAP-305s I can't use

I have 18 new IAP-305 I cannot use. They have been mounted 40 feet up in a high bay warehouse. I went to view them in central and none of them showed up. I tried sync. Nothing. Then I added them all manually using the serial numbers and macs. Now they're in the list but not subscribed. That's when I discovered we only had subscriptions for the original 15. I've never been able to use Central successfully for anything so I just want to manage all of them with a VC. So I went to log in and it says the login is incorrect. If the VC is currently in Central, and is subscribed, I would expect I could reset the VC password there but can't find a place to do that. So right now I have about $8000 of access points hanging from a 40 foot ceiling with no way to manage them. Is there any way to reset the VC password so I can remove all of them from Central and get back to work?

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Re: New IAP-305s I can't use

First of all, if you want to manage Cluster as Instant Solution 

1. Remove all the device from Central (Some time you may have to get support from TAC)

2. Shut down all the APs and Connect IAP after hard reset to the Cluster as Prefered Master and then boot other APs.



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Re: New IAP-305s I can't use

You can easily reset the administrator password by using this path.





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Re: New IAP-305s I can't use

I did that. It did not work

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Re: New IAP-305s I can't use

You did what and it did not work? Removing everything you don't want managed in central is the first step. Are they pulling IP addresses and are pingable, can you get to the GUI login and/or do they respond to ping? If there's an easy one to pull down to put on a desk, that can help as well, to try things like password recovery via the console port.


You will need the Aruba orange serial console cable.

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