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Not assigning static VC IP in IAP

Historically we have always configured static VC IP in IAP but now we are moving to ZTP(activate) and use airwave to manage IAP cluster. I am planning to let IAP grab IP from DHCP server and not assign static IP to be a true ZTP. we will have 3 IAP in a cluster per location. 

Currently in IAP VC IP shows & in Airwave VC IP is same as IAP ip. 

Is there any issue with this approach? or any suggestions? 

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Re: Not assigning static VC IP in IAP



that's the normal behavior of an instant cluster.

The AP, that holds the master function, is  the VC.

So, Master-AP IP = VC IP -> this is what AirWave also is showing you


Currently in IAP VC IP shows

This means, you haven't configured a persistent  / unique IP for your VC.


But you can do that under
System -> General -> Virtual Controller IP


There you should also configure an unique VC-Name (Name:)

Whats the advantage of configuring an unique IP and Name?
No matter what AP is the master AP, you can connect to your VC via this unique IP and Name. So the master AP is accessible via his 'personal' IP and the VC IP (same for the name)

It isn't 100% ZTP, because you have to configure it manually, but i don't know how to do this automatically (I would like to know that, too)


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