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OID monitoring

Hi, we have 25-  IAP 105s and we use Kaseya for Remote Montoring our devices.

we would like to use the Kaseya to monitor the IAPs - does anyone know what I need to do in order to acheive this?

what info does the Kaseya need from the IAPs and vice versa for us to monitor.

alternatively - would it be better to use the Aruba Central Cloud for this monitoring?




Re: OID monitoring

I've never done it with Kaseya, but all our MIBs and OIDs for IAP are documented in our MIB Reference Guide which can be found on the support site at the following URL:


I've attached it for your easy reference as well.


Aruba Central is a great product, I think the answer to your query comes down to what level of granularity you want with your reporting. If you have an existing platform your company uses, I'd see about adding the OID's into it. You'll be able to slice and dice the information anyway you like this way. While the reporting from Central is good, it doesn't yet have a northbound interface that could be used to integrate with other NMS's.






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