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Observing low throughputs

SW Version:


We have got IAP-134. When I use this for performance tests, I'm seeing very bad numbers.


We are testing with 1x1, in 2Ghz & 20Mhz is the channel bandwidth. We are seeing Tx bandwidth of iAP-134 hovering around ~51 Mbps. Where as already existing Cisco AP1252 is giving 63Mbps consistently.


When we saw the captures, the problem we saw was the aggregation was not happening properly. i.e. we see hardly 4 packets getting aggregated, not more than that. Where as with Cisco AP-1252, we saw around 11-12 packets getting aggregated with same client device.


I'm using the product OOB configuration. Only configuration we have done is channel, created SSID through GUI & configured IP.

Both AP, back-end chariot endpoint & wireless station are in same subnet.


Any help?

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Re: Observing low throughputs

Have you tried enabling drop multicast/broadcast in the IAP networks settings?

Thank you

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Re: Observing low throughputs

You might also considder upgrading the SW on your IAPs for your testing to be sure you have the benefit of SW fixes and new features..  The version running is almost 1.5yrs and many many revisions old.  If your AP has internet access the upgrade can be done by going to the Maintenance tab then Firmware then click on the "Check for New version" button.   The version posted to the cloud-based upgrade server is and is available from the TAC support site.

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Re: Observing low throughputs

We don't have much broadcast or multicast packets . So I believe this will not help

Re: Observing low throughputs

Be sure that your antenna connected well to the iap-134 ports.

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Re: Observing low throughputs

I would suggest you to upgrade to build released recently. 

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Re: Observing low throughputs



We have upgraded Aruba Access point through cloud (automatic upgrade) & it is now running on


Now the througputs are worse than earlier. 


Earlier we were getting Aruba-Tx throughput as 52 Mbps.

Now we are getting getting ~38Mbps. 


When we looked at captures below are the problems we see:


1. Less number of MPDUs in single aggregation. Only Max. 5 packets even though Rx buffer size of station is 16.

2. We observed Aruba AP using 11 & 5.5 Mbps packets just before aggregation.

3. Rate falling back to 65 Mbps & 57.5Mbps from 72Mbps.  We have seen the rate falling back to 65Mbps even when there are no failures in BA.


I'll attach the air capture for your reference.  

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Re: Observing low throughputs



There is so much that goes into performance testing that you should work with an Aruba professional locally.  There are quite a few things that should be looked at to ensure you get the best performance:  some are on the access point, other things are environmental and last is the client and testing method.  We simply cannot go through all of those in this forum.

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Re: Observing low throughputs

What Aruba antenna model have you installed and what quantity? All three must be connected.  Did you set the antenna gain to match the antenna?

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Re: Observing low throughputs



I've connected through RF cables from all antennas to a splitter/combiner then to third party device. And this testing is with in a shielded room with no other interference. 


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