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Re: Observing low throughputs

And did you properly set the antenna gain taking into account the antenna gain plus losses from the cabling and splitters in between?  The default is 0 dBi which will not yield proper results.


Did you connect three antennas in your test?  This is a 3x3:3 AP and requires all  three for performance.


As these are not Aruba antennas we have no knowledge of how they will perform.   You might considder using Aruba antennas AP-ANT-1B.


I agree with cjoseph that you might seek assistance fom your local Aruba rep as there are too many variables going on to find a quick resolution for you in an on-line forum.

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Re: Observing low throughputs

Yes, I've taken care of all of them. And signal strength at STA is -40dbm.  And packet capture shows that none of these problems. And in the same setup cisco 1252 is connected.


Yes, I've already contacted local aruba support with whom I've support contract. It's taking very long time, thus tried here.I'll wait for support through that channel

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