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Option 43 for IAP to connect to Airwave

We can connect IAP to an Airwave Server by using DHCP Option 43 automatic and the IAP generates the given Group if they do not exist. On the Manuals i find the following String " ArubaInstantAP, tme-store4,, aruba123".

In this example "tme-store4" is the Group that will be created.


My Question now, is it also possible to generate a Folder also? If yes, what is the necessary syntax?


Thank you

Re: Option 43 for IAP to connect to Airwave

The organization string will also create the folder/subfolder as well.  


For example, the org string Acme:East:Boston will create these nested folders in Airwave



   - East

         - Boston




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Re: Option 43 for IAP to connect to Airwave

Hello, thank you for that Information. If i use the Option on a IAp 105 as discussed, i can see that the AP with Release 6.2 receive the Option but does not Lease the IP Adress. With older Releases it has worked.


Do anyone know this behavior?


Thank you and best Regards

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Re: Option 43 for IAP to connect to Airwave

Are you also handing out option 60 ArubaInstantAP in the offer?  


I seem to recall an IAP not taking a lease if this is not offered along with option 43.



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