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Overcoming High Density with Instant

Hello Everyone

I would like to know how do you overocme High Density deployment with Instants?


I have though in a few

1-Enabling drop broadcast and multicast

2-Using a few cluster of VCs with L3 roaming,  this way for example i could have 2 cluster of 16 APS a total of 32 APS  and well L3 roaming between them... As just  a few will actually roam it wont be like  a big issue



How many user max have you seem working in one big broadcast domain with drop broadcast and multicast enable?  i have not yet test as i try to fallow aruba recommendation whcih is try no going further /24.   Guess maybe i could go with a /23 when this enabled but distributing like 400 address or 300?  Would this impact too much the performance? anyone got any expericne in this?


Or other ideas are welcome




Product Manager - Aruba Networks
Alternetworks Corp
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