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We purchased Aruba 7210 controller and IAP 325.


What will be impact if we used POE instead of POE+ through network switch. Our network switches are POE.


Thank you

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Re: POE vs POE+

The 325 will run in a restricted mode if running in POE (802.3af) as opposed to POE+ (802.3at).


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Re: POE vs POE+


I already aware about that. We are not using AP USB.

What is the meaning of restrict mode.

Is there any impact on radio coverage, speed, no. of users etc..


Kindly elaborate...

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Re: POE vs POE+

These are the restrictions detailed from the datasheet above.  I agree that it could be more clear.

Screenshot 2017-11-09 at 21.00.42.png

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Re: POE vs POE+

So yes, since there's no MIMO support in 2.4GHz when in restricted mode, that will affect the performance of that radio.

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Re: POE vs POE+

Thank you for your reply.


What will be impact on 5 Ghz radio.



Re: POE vs POE+

No impact on the 5GHz radio

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Re: POE vs POE+

What's interesting is that the 315 advertised it can run in unrestricted most of the time when on standard POE. Since this is not in the 325 datasheet, it might be a better option for those without the extra power.

'For the 310 Series Access Points, the IPM power-save feature applies when the unit is powered by an 802.3af PoE source. By default, the USB interface will be the first feature to turn off if AP power consumption will exceed the available power budget. In rare cases it may be necessary to take additional power saving measures, but in most cases, the 310 Series Access Points will operate in unrestricted mode.'
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