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Paste CLI Config

I must be missing something, is there a proper way to copy and paste CLI config into an IAP? If I just take a config and paste it into the CLI, it doesn't seem to be smart enough to identify new sections. I have to 'exit' out of each section before it will start a new one.


For instance, trying to paste in two ssid-profiles. It will finish the first one, but instead of going into the second one it will show a parse error. 




IAP (config) # wlan ssid-profile Survey-5Ghz
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  enable
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  type employee
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  essid Survey-5Ghz
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  opmode opensystem
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  max-authentication-failures 0
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  vlan guest
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  rf-band 5.0
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  captive-portal disable
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  dtim-period 1
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  broadcast-filter arp
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  dmo-channel-utilization-threshold 90
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  local-probe-req-thresh 0
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  max-clients-threshold 64
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") # wlan ssid-profile Survey-2.4GHz
% Parse error
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  enable
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Re: Paste CLI Config

Try to adding "exist"  

IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  local-probe-req-thresh 0
IAP (SSID Profile "Survey-5Ghz") #  max-clients-threshold 64
wlan ssid-profile Survey-2.4GH


Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: Paste CLI Config

Yeah, adding 'exit' to each section works, but if i'm pasting in a whole config I have to go through it first and add 'exit' a whole bunch of times? Also it seems like there are some cases where 'exit' is not needed and it disconnects you from the AP, that is annoying also. 

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