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Poor connectivity



I work in a school district that utilizes IAP-205s.  We're currently having connectivity issues with one of the APs dropping devices.  The AP services a small classroom with approximately 20 devices.  When examining the 2.4 band I noticed that the error rate hovers steady at about 1.8K.  This is much higher than any of the other APs we have throughout the school.


The classroom is sandwiched between an industrial arts shop and the school kitchen.  Could this be an interference issue?

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Re: Poor connectivity

The most definitive way to solve this is to SSH into the IAP with the problem while it is happening and obtain the tech support.  "show tech-support".  We do not have enough from your post to determine what is wrong.

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Re: Poor connectivity

Hi Colin,


Thanks for the reply.  When using the "show tech-support" command it produces a rather large amount of information.  What specific piece or section are we looking for?

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Re: Poor connectivity

I still have the support log from the AP in question.  Can anybody point me in the right direction as far as what information would be most helpful?


Thanks again for the input!

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