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Pre-defined request code with captive portal


Is there option in instant mode to access users by pre-defined request code (pool of codes) with captive portal integration? I mean user in hotel get request code from reception (there is pre-defined codes pool), connect to SSID and then type this code in captive portal.

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Re: Pre-defined request code with captive portal

That really has nothing to do with the IAP. If you have an external captive portal, this could be coded into the HTML. The codes could be provided by hotel reception and this is all transparent to the IAP as once the 302 redirect is done, the session flow is between the client and the captive portal. That said your captive portal would need to be setup to interface with whatever provisioning system the hotel is using to generate the codes. You'd still need to POST back to the IAP for authentication upon entering the valid code.


If you are asking if the IAP can do this natively, the answer is no.



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