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Problem getting internet access

We have 2x IAP-315 in a cluster where we want to create seperate SSID's for 12 rooms


Both AP's are connected to a Aruba 2530-8G switch

Router has IP


Have created a SSID with virtual controller managed Client IP assignment. Chosen Custom Client VLAN Assignment and then created a new local DHCP scope. (Local, L2)

Ex network /

Default router and DNS:

VLAN ID: 10 ( have tagged ports on switch - both ports connected to AP's and unlink port to router)


Not quite sure what to enter in VLAN IP and subnet mask
Tried with / and other things but it doesn't matter


Client connects without issues to SSID and gets correct IP assignments but cannot access internet


Have a missed something or should it be set up in another way

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Re: Problem getting internet access

with Local-L2, the IAP will provide DHCP sevice but the default gateway is outside on the same subnet. so if your outside gateway is then your dhcp scope in Local-L2 can be



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Re: Problem getting internet access

Sorry but that does make sense to me when you have to put in a vlan
Do you mean that every network I make should then have the same dhcp scope but different vlans

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Re: Problem getting internet access

remember the default gateway for a subnet should be on that subnet. for example for subnet, the defult gateway can be but it can not be



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