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Problem with converting a IAP-365 to a RAP

Dear Community,


I have a really strange problem. At a customers site is a IAP-365 installed which shall be converted to a RAP. Other IAPs of different types (IAP-207 and IAP-103) converted without any problems.


When I start conversion via "maintenance >> convert" menu I'll get a nonsense error message. (attached screenshot)


What I've already checked:

The AP can ping the desired controller address which includes a correct routing and successful DNS resolution. Also any other destinations (i.e.,, etc.) are reachable.

There are no firewall rules in place which might prevent communication.

I did an upgrade to latest and - after no change in behavior - a downgrade to

I did also an "swarm-mode Standalone" to prevent joining this IAP to another IAP-VC in the same network.


When I observe the traffic at the customers firewall I see all the DNS- and ICMP- packets but NOT any UDP/4500 packets which should be seen during the VPN setup.


Also when I start the conversion at the CLI via "convert-aos-ap ..." absolutly nothing happens.


I also tried to initiate the convert via Aruba Activate but the IAP has no cloud activation key. A "show activate" shows serial, MAC and all the other information but no cloud key.


Any help is highly appreciated!




Re: Problem with converting a IAP-365 to a RAP

Can you share the controller image version and following log from IAP after conversion has failed:


show log convert


Also if you default the IAP-365, it will have the unified code controller discovery process and should find the controller that way!

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Re: Problem with converting a IAP-365 to a RAP

I'm having the Same issue with IAP205.

Testing it on MM and MC architecture AOS8.2.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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Re: Problem with converting a IAP-365 to a RAP

@a_harkati are these Virtual Appliances?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: Problem with converting a IAP-365 to a RAP

After a lot of troubelshooting together with remote support by HPE we figured out, that the problem was caused by a defective TPM on the IAP itself. In fact the IAP couldn't authenticate against the Activate Portal ( nor as a RAP against the mobility controller.

Finally the IAP-365 will be replaced as an RMA.

Try to check output of "show ap debug | inc awc" and "show log provision".




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