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Problems with Software Version 6.2.1



I have set up an Instant network at a school, they use Airgroup for airplay distribution.

I set up the system on 6.2.0 and all seemed to run OK, but i needed to put in an Clearpass server in order to do location tracking on the airgroup devices.


I ran into problems with the Clerpass Airgroup Instant integration, and in an effort to solve this i tried to upgrade the Instant system to 6.2.1.

But after that the Airgroup stopped working all together, and the clients began to loose internet connectivity and got kicked of the net.

And on top of this my admin server had a IE browser window open with the Instant GUi and the Clearpass Gui opened, one morning the server whas very unresponsive and i cheked the running porocesses, IE was using 1.2GB of RAM !!


Aruba TAC did not seem to be bothered with this, but supplied me with the 6.2.0 software witch i downgraded to, after downgrade the network began to behave normaly again.


Am I the only one who has had problems with this software version?


Regards Jens W

Regards Jens W
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