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Problems with guest access Aruba IAP 305

Hello all!


I'm new to Aruba products and have just got 3 of the IAP305. I have 3 SSID's, Corporate with Radius, Guest with WPA2 and Mobiles with WPA2. All 3 SSID's are using the same net, and the guest and mobile SSID's are configured to use the virtual controller as dhcp. In my access profile I have "allow any to dns" and "deny any to network

Common internet and apps works fine, but the problem is that our phones and ipads can't send/recieve any emails. This problem occurs when connected to the 2 non-corporate SSID's.

I have an old solution with a HP MSM 720 controller that uses the same net, when mobiles connect to that SSID the phones works just fine, so I'm certain the problem is not in the wired net.


Any ideas? Has anyone made a guide of how to set up internal/external access properly?




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Re: Problems with guest access Aruba IAP 305



So, found the error in the FW, there were rules not allowing this kind of traffic at all. After some adjustments of these, it works!




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