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Public Hotspot using IAP-103's & MyHotspot free software

Hi I hope I have this in the right location, my apologies if I do not.

I work in a public library and have recently setup a free WiFi Hotspot using some free (but good) software and 4 IAP-103 AP's. I am new to Aruba and relatively new to WiFi networks in general. I had the same software and a Linksys router running for well over a year with few issues but needed to expand the coverage to the entire building.

I setup the 1st IAP-103 with my best guess of the default settings based on advice from our council IT dept. and having setup the Linksys. Once done and tested I attached the 2nd AP to the network it was configured automatically as were 3 & 4. In testing all were working and I was able to disconnect and reconnect each in turn and continue to access the network.

However when I had the AP's connected into place and the network turned on I began to have issues.

The network would run fine for hours but then for no apparent reason be unable to issues IP addresses to those wanting to connect. The network was fully visiable with a strong signal. After hours of looking at the software for the fault I swapped out the Aruba 103's for the original Linksys router and was up and running again promptly.


Reconnecting the 1st IAP-103 on its own got the hotspot up and running again and I was then able to add the additional 3 again. I was turning the AP's off at night but I'm nolonger doing that. I am considering leaving the Hotspot PC running over night, but there is no pattern to what is happening. I'm currently checking it every 30 mins to make sure its still connected.


I know I have most likely been very vague but has anybody got any ideas?




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Re: Public Hotspot using IAP-103's & MyHotspot free software

Are you using different VLAN's for the ssid where the vc is the dhcp server?
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