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Question About AirWave Backup Server


I am curently running AirWave Management Platform on a virtual machine. I was told in the past that you could not run a backup server if AirWave was running on a VM. Is this true? Can a AirWave backup server only be done if its on hardware?


Also is there a site i can go to which shows the current supported firmware versions for IAP 205's and IAP 305's?



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Re: Question About AirWave Backup Server

Airwave user guide

AP 305 has a requirement of
AP 205 has a requirement of

Page 6 has made mention of failover of hardware or VM option, i would assume that it supports vm option as well.

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Re: Question About AirWave Backup Server

Airwave support installation on VM and HW appliance, ISO image is same for primary and Failover (backup) only license differs. We have to install failover license and add primary server detail in failover.


When primary server goes down, failover restore primary backup and start montioring the network.



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