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Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.


Can i use e0/pt port at the bottom of ap as uplink port that get power from poe injector instead of the e0 port at the back of ap?

Because when i install it with desk mount kit, the mount kit cover the port at the back and i can't plug the cable.


If it can configure as e0 with poe port , How to configure it?




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Re: Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.

According to the Install guide it is possible. There should not need to be any additional configuration.


The E0/PT port, located at the bottom of the access point is 10/100/1000Base-T, auto-sensing, MDI/MDX wired-network uplink connectivity RJ45 port. It supports IEEE 802.3af/802.3at PoE as a standard Powered Device (PD) from Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE), such as a midspan injector or a network infrastructure that supports PoE.

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Re: Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.

You can't "configure" the port, but can use an ethernet jumper to connect E0 and PT on the back of the AP to achieve the same result.

The PT to E0/PT connection is a simple passive one; bridging PT to E0 on the back effectively moves E0 to the bottom E0/PT port.

You will need a low-profile, short and flexible ethernet jumper cable for that. We ship it with the AP-303H-MNTD desk mount and AP-303H-MNTW wall mount. We currentlly do not offer that as a separate orderable item. If you want to use the standard thin mount bracket that ships with the AP (to attach it to a wiring box) for direct wall mount, it will be a tight fit even with that cable. Which is why we offer the MNTW kit.

I may be able to get you a few to test it out. Please reach out by e-mail directly to if you're interested.


Re: Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.

I'm sorry, but the info in the IG is wrong. Please refer to my other response, or check the datasheet.

I'll take action to get the IG fixed.

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Re: Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.

Yes, you can. It's works as 205H.  "the E0/PT port can serve as an E0 uplink port and accepts 802.3af/802.3at PoE power when the E0 and PT ports at the back of the AP are physically bridged by an Ethernet cable"

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Re: Question about AP-303H e0/pt port.

Bridging the connections on the back with an ethernet cable, does not sove the problem that the desktop mount doesn't seem to have room for even one end for an ethernet cable end to plug in. has anyone figured out how to make this work, or should I simply drill a hole in the back of the desktop mount?


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